Insight Collaborative is a non-profit organization operating in association with its sister company, Insight Partners. The Collaborative helps governments, non-government organizations, charities, non-profits, small companies, individuals and otherwise underserved populations manage conflict more effectively. Insight Collaborative provides conflict management education and dispute resolution services; sponsors and administers the Insight Fellowship Program; and promotes research and development in conflict management and alternative dispute resolution. Dedicated to using proven pedagogy, cutting-edge learning tools, and exceptional human resources, the Collaborative improves lives by generating value, fostering relationships, and defusing conflict throughout the world.


Each year, the Insight Collaborative Fellowship Program selects a group of exceptional Fellows dedicated to making a positive difference in the world and provides them with an opportunity to turn their passion and determination into action. Through intensive training and planning, Insight Collaborative teaches Fellows how to develop and implement innovative programs throughout the world in a series of three-month placements. Fellows then provide training, manage teams, coordinate projects, and help organizations address the needs of those affected by conflict. Click on the map at right to see where and how the Insight Fellowship Program has had a positive impact on our world.